What is Acupressure? Why many people are getting benefits with Acupressure, without any surgery or operation?

In simple words, Acupressure is one method by which you are channelizing your energy to get relief from any pain or disease.

Acupressure is also know as “Reflexology” too, in some countries, like Japan, China, Singapore, Malaysia.

As a human being, if we follow the pattern which is designed by “Nature” then we will never get sick. But we daily forget to concentrate on our Food, Daily routine work pressure and Rest, i.e., Sleep. These 3 things are very important for any human being to keep healthy. When we miss or crate disturbance in above 3 things, then our body starts producing more toxins, which are very harmful to generate more disease in our body. Even after this, our body tries very well to remove all those toxins, and many times we called it as “disease” – It is not disease, but it is natural method to remove toxins from our body.

Here Acupressure helps us !!!

Acupressure is so simple and harmless, that anyone can learn it,  practice it and teaches it to others. It is 100% safe. Like Sun light, Air and Water are must required for everyone and freely available, similarly Acupressure is available freely for everyone, you just need to learn and practice it. Even 5 year old child can learn it and apply it, without any problem.

Our body is made of main 5 elements :-

  1. Earth ( “Prithvi” – in hindi language)
  2. Water ( “Jal” – in hindi language)
  3. Fire  ( “Agni” – in hindi language)
  4. Air  ( “Vayu” – in hindi language)
  5. Space   ( “Aakas” – in hindi language)

And there is “Prana” energy in our body, which balances above 5 elements in our body to maintain our health. Many Indian “Rishi” and “Saints” had suggested various food intake and methods to stay healthy up-to 100 years. Yes, 100 years.

So these are the very basic things about Acupressure, I will keep posted new articles on Acupressure, and will teaches you new methods for the same. Till that time, God bless you and Thank you for reading this article.