Zero Defect Production attitude by Japan ! Best Attitude.

Today I am going to share very small story from Japan. It is all about “Best Attitude”.

Many years ago, the American Giant company IBM ( International Business Machines ) had decided to have some products parts to be manufactured in Japan, as they have heard many good things about “Made in Japan”, so to do a trial basis product development, they had approached Japan for the same.

Now while preparing the contract for the same thing, they had mentioned some points in Specifications document. They had set the standard, that “ IBM will only accept three defective pieces out of 10,000 pieces. If Japan fails in such delivery, then the whole consignment of 10,000 pieces will be rejected by IBM.

When Japan had sent its first consignment to IBM at USA, they had added 1 letter into that consignment.

“We, Japanese people had a hard time in Understanding American Business practices.

However, the three defective parts per 10,000 pieces have been separately manufactured at our end to meet the specification of contract.

Those three have been included in the consignment in a separate package mentioning :- “Defective pieces as required, not for use”.

We hope that, this will meet your requirements. “

So friends, we can now think about the “Quality first Habit” of Japanese people. “In some workplace PERFECTION is habit, not an Attitude”.

Let’s have such habit of perfection in whatever work  we do.

I hope you like this story, if so, then please do share with your near and dear one friends, family members. And All the Best for your “Habit of Attitude” which you have started from today !

God bless you !