Kidney Health

Now a days due to less exercise we are observing many kidney related problems around the world. In that food is also very important for better kidney health. If we not take good food, kidney has to work more and more for removing toxins from body. So please take good food intake. Drink 3 liter of water everyday.


Kidney is very important organ in human body.

God has given us two kidney, if 1 kidney fails then 2nd kidney can work and supports us and we can live healthy with 1 kidney entire life.

But it does not mean that we have to not take care about our kidney.

Actually kidney is one kind of filter, and this GOD gifted filter is capable to work entire lifetime without any problem, few terms and conditions are applicable that, we must have to take care about it.

Actually #acupressure is natural way to #heal our body. Many of us don’t know that, we can heal our body, yes it is 100% true. And acupressure is one of the method among it.

What Acupressure mean?

Acupressure means we have to press on particular area on body, which is internally connected with specific organ. Here I will show, the points which are internally connected with Kidney, and when we press those points in palm, actually it makes proper blood circulation upto that organ, so that any toxins or damages which were happened to that organ can be treated very well.

In this video I will show you that, how you can removes all toxins from your body by simply pressing on acupressure points in our palms.

I hope you all will practice these points everyday without fail.

You will get best results in 20-30-50 days if you do it regularly. You can press these points any time, better we do this exercise after 1 hour of meal / dinner.

We can do these acupressure treatment anytime in day. Also we can help someone for the same, so we can heal other person too without any problem.

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Some Video to help your self

Please watch following videos for better kidney health.

Kidney Acupressure English Video

How to remove #kidney stone with help of #acupressure, watch and #share this #video

Kidney Acupressure Hindi video

How to safely remove #kidney #stone with #acupressure treatment with free of cost

Please share this #acupressure #video to save someone life, who is suffering from #renal stone #kidney stone

Black Tea video

Easy method to remove #toxins from human body with #acupressure treatment and #black-tea

I hope you will like this #video. Pl do share with others and save others life,time and money.

God bless you all.

Have a Healthy life ahead.

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