Sun Salutation – Best Exercise for entire body.

“Surya-Namaskar” It is also know as “Sun salutation” in english. This is one of the best exercise for everyone. Which doesn’t require more efforts and can be done easily. Also it does not require more space to do. Only 1 yoga-mat is sufficient. We prefer to do it outside open place. Balcony, terrace, ground, garden, […]

5 years from now, learn something new everyday

I​f you start doing following things TODAY, you will benefit from them five years in the future. Regular exercise, Surya Namaskar, walking, running, swimming etc. Meditation Gratitude feelings for God, family members, friends and for society Learn new thing in your current job / business. Meet at least 1 new person everyday. Reading motivational stories […]

I Am Happy And Healthy ! The purpose of this website is to make our life Healthy and Happy. We all know that “Health is Wealth” We cannot compare money with our Health. We are bringing many good things to improve our  Health, eg., (1) Online Yoga class, under observation of expert who are teaching yoga from past 15 […]