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Sun Salutation – Best Exercise for entire body.

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“Surya-Namaskar”, which is also know as “Sun salutation” in english.

This is one of the best exercise for everyone. Which doesn’t require more efforts and can be done easily. Also it does not require more space to do. Only 1 yoga-mat is sufficient.

We prefer to do it outside open place. Balcony, terrace, ground, garden, lawn etc. When you do sun salutation, your face should be in direction of Sun.

We can do “Sun salutation” at any place, as we required few feet free space, ( accordingly our height ). Mostly preferably in open area and in front of Sun in morning / evening time.

“Sun salutation” gives stretching to entire body. It required hardly few minutes to complete one round of “Sun salutation”, generally 1 round has 12 “Sun salutation”.

“Sun salutation” is very good exercise for 8+ years children, as they become very strong from their child hood.

We will upload few more details on “Sun salutation” soon.

If you are new to “Sun salutation” then Pl do it very slowly. Don’t try to rush. It may cause you harm.

Also if you have back-ache, lower back pain then pl avoid Sun salutation’s few steps, you can do only which are very suitable to you.

There are lots of other benefits of Sun-salutation.

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God bless you.

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Ashish Barot.

Panorama view of Alibag Beach, Mumbai. Nice Trip to Alibag from Gateway Of India, Bombay.

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Panorama view of Alibag Beach, Mumbai.

Panorama view of Alibag Beach, Mumbai.

– Church Gate

-Gateway Of India

– Boat travel

-Mandawa beach


– Panorama view of Alibag beach. Very nice Panorama view.

-All way with Seagull Birds and lots of fun.


It is very easy to visit Alibag, from Pune, Mumbai, Lonavala, Khandala.

You can visit in 1 day and can come back return to pune.

Alibag is one of the nearest place to visit from Pune. It will not much expensive trip too. Very low budget trip from Pune.

We can go to Alibag, Mumbai via Panvel too. As Panvel is in center area from Pune to Alibag.

Very good Bus frequency is there, almost after very 30 mins, there is from from Panvel to Alibag.

What is the purpose of Setting Goal?

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What is the purpose of setting goal?

I think, the purpose of setting goals is, to inspire action not only predict it.

It is very easy to predict anything, but hard to start. Because while predicting anything, we don’t have to work hard.

We just think anything and predict it. Actually when we wish to hit our Goals, we must have to do something.

Without any action, no result at all.

Quote of the day…

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I​f you start doing few things TODAY, you will benefit from them five years in the future.

  1. Regular exercise, walking, running, swimming etc.
  2. Meditation
  3. Yogasan
  4. Surya Namaskar
  5. Reading motivational stories

All the best. Start it from today only.