Black Tea

Black Tea – For Kidney Disease Treatment

Here is the step by step guide for making “Black Tea”, which is very good acupressure treatment for any kind of Kidney disease.

How to make “Black Tea” for Acupressure treatment of Kidney diseases?

1) Take One cup of Normal water.
2) One Tb. Spoon of TEA
3) Boil upto half cup. Now filter it.
4) Add another half cup of normal water.
5) Have it slowly slowly.
6) You can do breakfast after 15-20 mins.
7) Have to take such TEA in Winter season. and only for 10-12 days.
8) Check urine after 12 days, it will be free from bad smell.

Please share your experience and try to share it with other.

As this is very good treatment for any kidney related problem.

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