Baby care – Vruddhi Sutak

Baby Care

From 1st day of new born baby – “Vruddhi Sutak” – Scientific approach for new born baby

Congratulations to you ! As a Mother, Father or new born baby’s relative you are reading this article, it shows that you are very much care-taker of baby. Your relationship with baby could be anything, ( Mother, Father, Uncle, Aunty, Grand-mother, Grand-father, etc.. ) but you are concern for his / her health from very first day, so I had Congratulate you !  Now let’s move ahead.

Vruddhi Sutak – Sanskar

We are listing some of the very important points, to be take care with “New Born Baby” . In our county India, it is called as “Vruddhi Sutak” – means, it is kind of scientific approach for baby’s care as well as Mother’s care. Below points are applicable to every new born baby, it only differs accordingly the some geographical area and weather of particular county. But most of the points are very scientific and harmless to every baby. Instead of “harmless” I would love to say, it will be very helpful in overall development of your baby.

Let’s start
  1. After baby’s birth, he/she must be feed by mother’s milk. Now a days, doctors suggest some good company’s milk powder, but it is only goo for time being. After the birth of baby, mother’s breast will start producing milk in few hours, it is natural process, God bad adjusted everything properly, so don’t worry and get relax !
  2. Baby should be feed by her mother upto 9 to 12 months. It is highly recommended to not give any other food supplements upto 6-8 month, this is very much important. Mother’s milk has very nutrition which are required by baby, so don’t challenge God and don’t try to over smart by giving some extra nutrition. God is great, and all mothers are blessed with his love !
  3. All mothers have to take care about their own food intake. Please only healthy food. Mother’s diet should be less outside junk food. Try to cook your own food at home and have it immediately when food is ready. Avoid cold food, drinks and non-veg food during this period.
  4. Some mothers have problem in breast feeding, due to some other reasons, then don’t worry. In such case you can give Cow’s milk to your baby. Please add some ginger powder ( In India it is called “Sunth”dry ginger’s powder ) in very less manner. Goat’s milk is also good. And best way to give such warm-milk to your baby, not much cold & not much hot.
  5. If required just add little warm-water in cow’s milk and try to give it to your baby.
  6. Whenever you baby do – urine, stool – Immediately change their clothes, diaper, socks etc. Make sure you clean private part of your baby very carefully, let these part dry well enough and then change with new clothes. Also at the same time wash old clothes in hot water, so these clothes will not contain any virus and bacteria, and ready for next use.
  7. 1 very important thing for every new born baby, let them have very sound sleep and please don’t make any noise near them. All type of electronic devices should be 15-20 feet away from baby. We recommended not to use Mobile / cell phones near your baby upto 5 years. These electronic devices are very harmful to your baby and can cause some demege to their brain and body. So please do not take any photographs after very few hours Once in month is fine for photograph, not more than that.
  8. When your baby start observing outside world, try to hangout some good Wall papers, legendary photos on wall or on ceiling. Try to make some vision chart for your baby.
  9. Do not speak loudly near your baby.
Keep in Mind

These are some points which are taken care in very 1st week upto 1st month. We will come again with more points very soon for 2 moths baby .So till that, stay tune and please feel free share your doubts / queries on :- We love to provide your as valuable info as we can.

Thank you for reading this article.