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Acupressure points for Thyroid and Stomach

Acupressure for Stomach & Thyroid.

Kidney Acupressure Points. English language.

How to make “Black Tea” for Kidney Acupressure treatment. No side effect.

Kidney Acupressure points.

I Am Healthy And Happy

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Welcome to www.iamhh.com !

The purpose of this website is to make our life Healthy and Happy. We all know that “Health is Wealth”

We cannot compare money with our Health.

We are bringing many good things to improve ourĀ  Health, eg.,

(1) Online Yoga class, under observation of expert who are teaching yoga from past 15 years. This program we are conducting via online video conferencing.

(2) Meditation, YogNidra, Relaxation etc. Again under guided observation.

(3) SuryaNamaskar and different exerices.

(4) Acupressure. The reflexology method to recharge our body.

(5) Natural Healing. We can heal our self own, by balancing our different “chakras”

And also many more things.

So stay tuned on www.iamhh.com and Thank you for visiting our website.